Are you asking the right questions?

Hello! I am so sorry I missed last week. I was spending the week in the mountains with no wi-fi. It was such a gift. If you know me you know I am on my phone too much. I am praying about how to cut back the phone time. 

This past Sunday we read the story of the Good Samaritan. This was a tricky text to preach for a lot of reasons.
1. What could I possibly say about the Good Samaritan that people don’t already know? Even my kids know this story inside and out.
2. What do you say to a church who is already better at recognizing and feeding their neighbor than any other place I have ever been? What can they learn from the Good Samaritan? THEY ARE VERY GOOD AT THIS ALREADY. 

Pastoring a biblically literate church that also does the work of the gospel is the best problem in the whole world to have. I am very blessed. It also meant I read the scripture a lot this week. A lot. And here are the things I was struck by in Luke 10:25-37

The man who is asking Jesus the question, is in fact asking the wrong question. He is asking a question he already knows the answer to. As the daughter of a defense attorney I am aware this is the only kind of question lawyers ask. Never the less, Jesus sure did call this guy out. Jesus says (abby version) come on man, you know the scripture! You tell me what the most important commandments are! And the guy answers, Love God, Love my neighbor. 

But then, then he feels the need to justify himself. And that is a thing I resonate with deeply. When corrected I often don’t take the moment to learn. Instead, I figure out a way to justify myself. I misspoke, I was hungry, I was tired, you misunderstood. Instead I have the opportunity to simply say, show me. Show me how to act, to think, to speak better. Being corrected is a gift, and we almost never treat it as such. 

When the man asks Jesus the question Who is my neighbor? He is asking, when can I quit? Who am I responsible for specifically so I will know who I can ignore? Jesus doesn’t answer that question. Jesus instead answers the question who do you GET to interact with. What opportunities to interact with humanity have you been missing? How can you contribute to making a better world? What a gift. 

How many times have I come to God thinking I already knew the answer only to discover there is a different way afforded to me if only I will hear it? 

The kingdom of God is coming. And the kingdom of God is already here. 

As always we would LOVE the opportunity to pray for you. Please be praying for provision for my family and for safe travels for all of us going all over the place this summer. 

If you would like to contribute to New Hope, you can do so at this link

We value your support of this church via encouragement of any kind. Thank you. 

Pastor Abby

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