What does it mean to be faithful?

This is the question that we were asking this week as we explored Hebrews 11. This is often the part of the Bible people call the hall of fame of faith and I couldn’t help but notice how if I had to pick….well…most of those people wouldn’t make the list. If you define them by their worst moments they are murders, liars, thieves and prostitutes. Apparently being faithful does not mean not screwing up every once in a while. It does not mean being perfect. It does not mean not needing God. 

Being faithful also does not mean being guaranteed a happy ending. These verses talk of people being chopped in half or left for dead in the desert because of their faithfulness. Faithfulness doesn’t mean it is all going to work out perfectly. But it does mean that God can, will, and desires to eventually work it out. 

Being faithful means trusting that God is weaving a beautiful story and no matter how ragged and tangled it looks on the underside…you live your life to the service of the God who has a beautiful picture up top. 

This week we are praying for job stress, and also a way for me to finish that Methodist paperwork that is coming due. 

If you would like to contribute to the work that New Hope does you can do so here: https://paypal.me/pools/c/89YOMDyWFq

Please let us know how we can be in community with you both near and far. 

Pastor Abby

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