Ordinary Resurrection

Ordinary Resurrection

What does it mean to be a resurrection people in the middle of a pandemic? 

Do we believe that Jesus is Risen even when we aren’t in the same room? 

How can we be faithful to our neighbor and encourage each other in this scary time?

These are the questions I have been asking about christianity, about the way I practice my faith, about how we function as a church. We are living in the midst of lent right now in so many ways whether we wanted to or not. We know we are learning how fragile our world is, we are making sacrifices for the good of our neighbors, especially those who are medically fragile. What is the true good news of Easter? What Gospel can the church preach from our houses? How can we remind each other that God is a God of restoration and new life?

Even in this difficult time I have been so blessed by the steady work of those serving New Hope and our neighborhood. Sherry and Stanley have continued to feed our neighbors with to go boxes and faithfully meet the needs of our community. There is good work to be done, and even though I can’t be there, I know that God is still working because I can hear about it happening.

Sometimes we need visual reminders of Good News. Sometimes we need a metaphor we can touch. For the next three weeks we will feature an artist who makes beautiful things out of abandoned things, who takes trash and makes it art, who takes things the world calls worthless and says no, this is worth something just you wait. Now more than ever I need to know that worthless things can be made beautiful so we are going to the experts.

Art show cover photo

From now until Easter there will be interviews with artists who prefer abandoned things as their muse. I will post a video here and on Instagram every few days. As an act of worship we will be inviting you to participate in making beautiful things out of trash. I can’t be the only one who has an excess amount of cardboard and plastic bags in my house. Look for Pinterest how to’s and other ideas for you to get involved! Send us pictures of before and after and we will include them in our Easter celebration. Stay tuned for the ways we will then use those objects we have restored, to offer restoration to our community through meeting basic needs. Think a good old fashioned Methodist Spring Bazaar meets the internet.

I need to remember that restoration and hope is the work of God, and that God uses us to do that holy work. I need to see it with my eyes, and feel it with my hands, and witness it in each others lives. Let’s make things beautiful together!

Lily Jurskis, Trash into Saints

I am SO EXCITED to introduce you to Lily Jurskis. I worked with her mother 10 or so years ago and was so impressed with her work I asked to interview her. Not only does Lily turn trash into treasure, she takes that treasure and uses it to feed people!


You can find Lily’s amazing work on Instagram right here. 

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A week of work.

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